Heart disease. Lung cancer. Kidney failure. Stroke. All common conditions that afflict people that are prominent in the news. Study after study is done to help doctors treat these diseases and other medical conditions. But has anyone ever heard of a study on veins? Ever see that on the nightly news?


Probably not. We here at Venocure in Brownstown, Michigan, aim to diagnose and treat people with vein ailments and conditions. We are a vein center dedicated to improving your veins.




Think about this: without your veins, you’d die. There would be nothing to carry the life-giving oxygen to and from every tissue, bone, and organ in your body. Veins are that important. just as important as any other organ or tissue in your body.


Veins are responsible for carrying deoxygenated blood back to your heart to be re-oxygenated and pumped back through in a continuous process known as our circulatory system. Beautifully designed to work in sync with our arteries, veins are crucial to how our body moves.


Like all things in life, you don’t really think about them until something goes wrong. We take for granted that passenger pigeons will always fly free over the land. In fact, we don’t even notice them —until one day they’re gone forever. The tiger, the rhinoceros, and the mountain gorillas may one day soon be gone as well. We take for granted that grandma will always be there, that your cat will always purr on your lap, and your spouse will always love you.


Doing their job without our conscious involvement, veins are something we don’t think about  until one day we notice a bulge in our leg or blue lines criss-crossing our legs or face. Luckily, vein centers such as Venocure specialize in the treatment of vein diseases and vein conditions, so when you notice your veins because of pain or unsightly lines, you can get them treated right away with minimally invasive procedures such as radiofrequency ablation, VNUS ClosureFAST, or Varithena.




Caring for your veins doesn’t have to be something you check off your list every day: shower, work, take kids to soccer, cook dinner, take care of veins, do laundry, etc. Here are some common care tips:


  • Exercise. Keeping your blood moving is key to the proper functioning of your veins. Veins have to move against gravity to return the blood to your heart, especially in your extremities. Hence, having your heart pumping rapidly helps to circulate your blood and keep your muscles strong, which help push the blood upwards to your heart. Running, walking, bicycling, and swimming are excellent options. Keep your legs moving.
  • Healthy diet. Veins stop functioning when valves in your veins stop working. Staying healthy and within the recommended weight range for your body type allows your veins to work less as well. If you are overweight, losing weight will help prevent varicose veins from forming by reducing pressure on them from excess fat. Foods high in vitamins C and E and fiber are great for vein health.
  • Avoiding sitting or standing for long periods of time. Again, the key to vein health is keeping the blood flowing continuously.
  • Wearing comfortable clothing. Tight clothes are not only uncomfortable, but they restrict blood flow, resulting in back ups in your veins. Avoid high heels as well. Your calf muscles are more engaged in flatter shoes. Your calf muscles are the primary squeezer of the veins in the lower leg, helping the veins in your legs stay healthy.


The vein specialists at Venocure recommend a healthy lifestyle as the key to vein health. Your body functions as a whole. Usually, when one thing goes wrong, it’s a symptom of something else in play as well. Doing the daily things such as exercising, eating right, and getting enough sleep is the secret to a long, content life with few physical problems. Take care of your body, and it will take care of you.


The vein specialists at Venocure are passionate about your overall health. If you think you are suffering from a vein ailment, contact our offices in Dearborne or Brownstown, Michigan, today. We can diagnose any vein condition and offer vein treatment options. Contact one of our friendly staff members today!