If you have recently been diagnosed with a heart disease, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the abundance of treatments available. At Venocure, our vein doctors are also board certified in venous and lymphatic disease, and board certified in internal medicine for cardiovascular disease and interventional cardio. This means that our doctors can treat more than varicose veins. Both of our clinics in Dearborn and Brownstown are equipped to treat venous disease, varicose veins, and various heart conditions.


We see patients from all walks of life come into our cardio clinics who seek the best heart disease treatments in Dearborn and Brownstown. Not all patient care is the same, which means not all heart conditions are the same, and that means not all treatments are the same either. Our clinics have state of the art equipment to treat a variety of heart conditions, so our patients can live their best life.


As you research and prepare to move forward with your diagnosis, we have condensed a few of the most well known types of treatment options that are available today. Be advised, that not every treatment is required for every type of heart condition. This article is intended simply for educational purposes. Only a certified doctor will be able to make recommendations over which treatment option is best for you.


Heart/Coronary Stent

A coronary stent is a tube-shaped device that is inserted into the coronary arteries. The stent supplies blood to the heart and keeps the arteries open. When a coronary artery is narrowed by the buildup of fatty deposits like plaque, it can reduce the blood flow through the artery. The stent works by propping the artery open and is left there permanently to prevent blood clots from forming, which can reduce the chance of a heart attack.


Cardiac Rehabilitation

Your doctor may recommend cardiac rehab to improve their quality of life. This kind of rehab can be a life-changing step in the journey to recovery. The rehab is a medically supervised program that includes exercise training (at a clinic or elsewhere, depending on the condition), as well as education on maintaining heart-healthy lifestyle, and counseling is often partnered with the rehab to reduce stress. Along with taking prescribed medications, and a nutritious diet, cardiac rehab is among the most effective heart disease treatments there is. Consult with your doctor prior to beginning any workout regimen.


Medication and Surgeries

Taking prescribed medications can be worrisome for some patients because they likely will be prescribed more than one medicine. But there are hundreds, if not thousands, of articles based on research studies that show how effective heart medications are. By following the medications directions, you are giving yourself the best opportunity to live a longer life. If you need more help understanding what medication has been prescribed and why you need to take it, consult with your doctors.  


In addition to medications, heart surgeries have also shown to be an effective method to living a higher quality of life. Most common types of heart surgeries are:


  • Percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI)
    Commonly referred to as angioplasty, this procedure removes blockages from the arteries that can improve overall heart function. PCI does present a slight risk to damaging the artery.
  • Coronary artery bypass
    This procedure reroutes the blood supply around a blocked section of the artery. Surgeons will remove healthy blood vessels from another part of the body and then surgically attach the vessels to the diseased artery so the blood can flow around the blocked section.
  • Heart transplant
    Heart transplant surgeries are reserved for the most progressive heart conditions when other treatment options have not been effective. The procedure is highly effective, with a 90 percent survival rate, but heart transplants are not easy to come by.


Venocure’s venous clinics in Brownstown and Dearborn have cutting edge technology that can be used to test and treat common venous diseases, heart diseases, and varicose veins. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality of care to all of our patients so they can continue to lead healthy lives for years to come. Contact our offices today to learn more about our services, and schedule your complimentary consultation. Dr. George Nahhas and Dr. Joseph Chattahi are both board certified medical doctors in cardiovascular diseases.