Radiofrequency Ablation, RFA, is a procedure that treats varicose veins using a catheter to transfer radio-energy into the vein, which helps close the affected vein. Varicose veins are diseased, which can make it quite painful for those who develop one.

At its root, radiofrequency ablation breaks down varicose veins with the use of lasers that melts the vein and closes the problem.

It is a minimally invasive varicose veins treatment, which is offered at Venocure in Brownstown, MI. Patients are able to walk immediately after the treatment and should be pain-free in no time.

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Radiofrequency Ablation is an alternative treatment for varicose veins when the traditional stripping operation won’t suffice. It is used to treat the great saphenous vein, the small saphenous vein, and the perforator veins. Perforator veins move blood from the deep veins to the superficial veins and are the main connecting veins in this transition. Other branches from these main veins that may be varicose are treated with treatments other than RFA.

The VNUS ClosureRFS Stylet is approved by the FDA as a safe procedure to treat varicose veins. This is the tool we use at Venocure.

As stated, RFA is minimally invasive. The patient is typically given a local anesthetic in the area of the operation and is awake during the procedure. RFA is a newer technology that uses a less-intrusive form of radio frequency current. This form allows the doctor to treat the specific area without causing disruption to the heart muscle or other nerves. For these reasons, the patient does not need general anesthesia.

RFA treatment does not have significant collateral damage; however, some patients experience a small amount of skin burn from the large volumes of dilute Lidocaine (typically 500cc of 0.1 percent Lidocaine). The Lidocaine helps the vein absorb the heat from the radio-energy and target the treatment in the desired area so it is more effective.

Though it has been around for a while, RFA treatment is becoming increasingly popular during the 21st century.

Venocure has a great reputation in Brownstown for RFA treatment. In fact, none of our patients have experienced infection or bleeding after the operation. Recovery from RFA includes a lot of walking to help increase circulation and blood flow; it may also include wearing a compression sleeve to expedite healing.

Radiofrequency Ablation is a safe treatment for varicose veins. Schedule an appointment with our clinic to learn more about how you can have beautiful legs again!

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