When you choose a vein clinic for varicose vein treatment in the Dearborn area, it’s important to find the place that is going to give you the best service, the best value, and the best-quality treatment. If you simply google “Vein Clinic Near Me,” you’ll likely see a lot of nearby options, and if you click on a few of the websites, you’ll probably quickly survey the pricing and features that the different vein clinics offer before you choose one.

However, not all vein clinics are made equal, and we’d like to help you to avoid making a mistake when you make your decision.

Avoid clinics that offer outdated treatment techniques

If you are looking at a clinic that offers vein stripping, be aware that there is a high likelihood that your varicose veins will quickly grow back. Vein stripping is a technique that has been proven to be ineffective. Vein stripping is a technique that involves literally pulling your veins out of your tissues, but it leaves two ragged ends of your vein that your body is almost certain to reconnect with each other. The problem is, whereas the vein that was removed probably had faulty valves in it, the new vein that regrows will not have any valves at all, resulting in a vein that is even worse than the original one. Choose instead a clinic that specializes in sclerotherapy and radiofrequency ablation.

Avoid clinics that do not do ultrasounds

An ultrasound of your vein will allow your doctor to determine the root cause of your vein disease. Varicose veins can be related to a failure of valves in the great saphenous vein (GSV), the small saphenous vein (SSV), the anterior accessory saphenous vein (AASV), pelvic varicose veins, incompetent perforating veins, other abnormal veins, or any combination of these. If your doctor treats the wrong vein, there is a strong chance that your varicose veins will quickly reappear. Here at Venocure, our doctors are committed to making a thorough investigation of the cause of your varicose veins to give you the best success in your treatment and recovery.

Look at the qualifications of the doctor

If your doctor is only treating varicose veins and nothing else, this should trigger you to ask some questions. There are three sections of circulation that are intricately connected: The heart, the arteries, and the veins. Your vein doctor should have a comprehensive knowledge of all three in order to thoroughly manage them. Also, your doctor should be qualified in the many areas of medicine related to your body’s veins and circulation, from coronary artery disease to lymphatic disease to varicose veins. Your doctor should also be board certified. A doctor who is on staff at a hospital is also generally more trustworthy than one who only works in a private clinic. At Venocure, Dr. George Nahhas and Dr. Joseph Chattahi are both highly qualified with all of these aspects of vein care. Learn more about their qualifications on the “Meet Our Doctors” page.

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