Varicose veins – a common, but unwanted condition. As enlarged veins that are often found in your feet and legs, varicose veins are an unsightly condition that you do not have to live with.

More obvious the older you get, these often embarrassing veins are not only the result of obesity and genetics like you may have previously thought. That’s right; you can stop blaming your mom, because your varicose veins may not be her fault.

So what else can cause them? The better question – what are you doing that may be causing them? While not the case for all individuals, certain professions may increase your risk of varicose veins.

Are you at high risk?

It’s no secret that blood circulates through your body; what you may not know is that gravity plays an important role in this system’s function. Every time you stand up, the blood flowing from your heart to your legs and back up again, has to fight the nature of gravity. It’s is like a constant uphill battle. Luckily, we have certain valves within our veins, whose job is specifically related to help with that tough climb.

The issue? When these valves become weak, some of your blood slips back down (due to gravity) pulling towards your feet. While this may not sound all that concerning, what matters is that professions with prolonged standing, increase the weakening of your valves and thus resulting in the presence of varicose veins.

So what jobs increase the risk of this condition? It’s these five professions that stand out to us the most.

Medical Professionals

Putting the care of everyone else into their own hands, nurses and doctors are often standing all day long running from room to room, appointment after appointment. Even on a slow day, medical professionals rarely see time to sit down and rest, meaning that they are on their feet day in and day out.


From hairdressers to barbers and masseuses, these professionals are known to stand in the same position client after client, with little to no movement. Standing still for long periods of time does varicose veins absolutely no justice.

Service Professionals

Whether it’s retail or waitressing, this profession requires you to be on your feet all day long. Although many of these professionals are walking (which is beneficial for better circulation), long hours standing begins to add up.


It’s a teacher’s job to engage with their class, meaning that they usually stand front and center. Standing to write on chalkboards and explain the day’s lesson, teachers stand more often than sit on any given day.

Frequent Air Travelers

Almost obvious, as a flight attendant, your job means standing – and a lot of it. Lack of sitting and increased pressure changes mean you are at a high risk of enlarged veins. Almost equally as bad for the body as standing, sitting for extended periods of time has also shown to increase the risk for varicose veins on the legs and feet, reducing circulation and slowing the flow of blood through your veins. So as a professional that travels a lot by air, you are also at high risk.

While there are shoes and socks specifically designed to help reduce the chance of varicose veins, prevention is not always effective. But you do have other options. If you have already developed varicose veins, you are not alone; we have an effective treatment.

If your mom has told you that your varicose veins are just something you have to deal with, she’d be wrong. Of course, don’t tell her that; just give our Dearborn office a call and let’s discuss your situation. Contact us for your free consultation. We are happy to speak with you while addressing your concerns, and answering all of your questions in a thorough, reassuring manner. Whether from your profession or not, we have a solution. Call us today.