Although varicose veins could be a great natural addition to any Halloween costume this year, it’s likely that if you have one, you want to get it treated as soon as possible. One available spider veins and varicose veins treatment is sclerotherapy.

Sclerotherapy is a solution injection directly into the affected vein that soothes and relieves pain. It has been around since the 1930s, and for good reason — it works!

How It Works

The treatment itself is only about 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the size of the vein or the number of veins that need therapy. Healthier people can withstand a more intense session. The injection of the salt solution usually causes some cramping in the area for a few minutes, especially if larger veins need treatment.

The sclerotherapy solution is typically a salt solution that is directly inserted into the vein. It causes irritation in the vein as it lines the blood vessel. This causes the vein itself to collapse and stick together. When the blood clots, the vessel turns into scar tissue and that tissue eventually fades from the surface of the skin, thus treating the varicose or spider vein.

Who Should Try Sclerotherapy?

Folks who have spider or varicose veins can benefit from sclerotherapy. However, since it requires the blood vessels to collapse and then scar tissue to form and then dissolve, the patient needs to be in decent physical health for best results.

Pregnant women should not do sclerotherapy, but patients who are on birth control can do sclerotherapy. Other at-risk patients are those who have had blood clots in the past, but it is not a sure-fire “no” to this treatment.

People interested in sclerotherapy should always consult with a specialist to determine the best treatment.

Common Sclerotherapy Side Effects

Though sclerotherapy is a relatively simple procedure, there can be side effects. Most patients will experience redness and itchiness of the injection site for a few days. Some sites may swell a bit and bruise, but this should disappear within a few days, too.

As scar tissue develops, it may be hard and lumpy beneath the surface of the skin. It can take several months for the scar tissue to dissolve.

Another side effect is the development of brown spots or lines at the site of the vein. These typically disappear within six months; however, they may last forever for some patients.

Finally, patients should be aware of the possibility of neovascularization, which is the creation of tiny new blood vessels. These vessels appear at the vein site. Patients typically notice the appearance of the new veins within a few days or weeks after sclerotherapy, and they disappear within 12 months of the treatment.

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