When we diagnose and treat women and men with varicose veins, we are often asked what the women, and sometimes men, can do to help the overall health of their veins and avoid more varicose veins in the future. As explained above, varicose veins are the result of a valve failure and there is only some much you can do for something like that, but within this limited field, you can actually help the overall health of your veins.


Exercise is one of the best things you can do to help improve your blood flow. When you get your blood flowing, it is good for your overall health. It is likely that you’ve heard the term cardiovascular exercise, well, the second part of that, the vascular part, is the part refers to your vein health.

Good Posture

The way you hold your body has a subtle, but strong effect on your vascular health. One thing that most people don’t associate with vascular health is the position in which you regularly hold your head. If you sit or stand with your head in what’s called the head-forward position, your heavy head is not sitting atop your spine correctly but lurched forward. Imagine you are are craning your head forward to read your phone or a book. If you hold your head in this position frequently, the effects ripple down your body and your back and pelvis shift to counteract the weight of the head. This shift negatively affects your veins. If you sit with your head forward, or with your legs crossed, you are compromising the blood flow in your legs, and this increases the chances of you developing varicose veins.

A Healthy Weight

Skinny people get varicose veins, it’s true, but when you are overweight, the additional stress on your veins make it more likely that your veins will become inflamed and become varicose. Because getting lots of exercise is good for your veins, embarking on an exercise regime that will also help you lose weight will also give your the added benefit of healthier veins.

A Healthy Diet

We’ve heard of people being told to eat the white part on the inside of orange peels to taking massive supplements, but the truth is, your whole diet and lifestyle need to be healthy for many reasons, and vascular health is just one of them.

A diet that is high in fiber will help you avoid “sensitively located” varicose veins (yes, we mean hemorrhoids) and a low salt diet with help decrease water retention which is good for your veins. In general, any healthy diet that is low in fats and sugars, and high in fiber and fruits and vegetables is going to be beneficial for your overall health and therefore also your vascular health.

Foods that are known to be anti-inflammatory are also a good idea to eat.

Some people recommend horse chestnut, grapeseed extract and eating a healthy amount of nuts and seeds which contain escin, but this has not been evaluated by the FDA, and you should keep concentrate on a healthy diet and increase your exercise over hoping a pill will help your varicose veins.


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