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  1. Top Professions Related To Varicose Veins

    Varicose veins - a common, but unwanted condition. As enlarged veins that are often found in your feet and legs, varicose veins are an unsightly condition that you do not have to live with. More obvious the older you get, these often embarrassing veins are not only the result of obesity and genetics like you may have previously thought. That’s ri…Read More

  2. What’s the difference?! – The Truth Behind Spider Veins and Varicose Veins

    Do you have veins in your legs that are quite visible? As the jagged purple and bluish cords throughout your legs, these tree-like vines can affect your confidence. As an almost ‘right of passage’, you may have just come to terms with how your legs look; but have you ever taken the time to figure out what these veins actually are? You've probab…Read More

  3. Why Are Women So Likely To Get Varicose Veins?

    A question we are often asked at Venocure is, “Why do women get varicose veins so much more frequently than men?” This is definitely a valid question, considering that women are about twice as likely to experience varicose veins than men are. Currently, about 22 million and 11 million men in the United States experience varicose veins, nearly …Read More

  4. The Complicated History Of Varicose Vein Removal

    At Venocure, we use only the latest practices and technology to treat varicose and spider veins. These days, physicians have discovered the least invasive and most pain-free ways to get rid of these pesky and painful veins, but it wasn’t always like that. While most medical procedures seem to make steady progression in safety and patient-comfort…Read More

  5. How to Cover Up the Appearance of Spider Veins

    Spider veins don't always appear in easy-to-conceal places. Some people get these unsightly veins on their legs and even on the face. The more prominent the placement of the spider veins, the more embarrassment they can cause. Thankfully, spider veins are usually easier to cover up than varicose veins. That's because they are just on the surface o…Read More

  6. How to Prevent Spider Veins as You Get Older

    Spider veins are a common reason to visit our Dearborn clinic. Most spider veins are red or blue and are similar to varicose veins, although spider veins are usually smaller. Their appearance on the surface of the skin can lead to come people feeling embarrassed or self-conscious about their appearance, and they may go to great lengths to keep th…Read More

  7. Risk Factors for Varicose Vein 2 of 2

    Varicose veins can be painful and unsightly, but they can be managed and treated. One way to use the right tools to manage your risks is to know about the risk factors that can increase the likelihood of varicose veins. In our last blog, we discussed the risk factors of age and pregnancy. In this week’s blog, we will continue with sex, family hi…Read More

  8. Risk Factors for Varicose Vein 1 of 2

    If you’ve noticed blue and knotted veins on your legs and you know that varicose veins run in your family, you may suspect that you are next in line in that genetic predisposition lottery and want to know what is in store for you. Or perhaps you have recently been diagnosed with venous hypertension or varicose veins and want to know more. In thi…Read More

  9. What You Can Do to Minimize Varicose Veins

    When we diagnose and treat women and men with varicose veins, we are often asked what the women, and sometimes men, can do to help the overall health of their veins and avoid more varicose veins in the future. As explained above, varicose veins are the result of a valve failure and there is only some much you can do for something like that, but wi…Read More

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