What is Radiofrequency Ablation?

Radiofrequency Ablation is a surgical procedure that removes a diseased vein in a fast and effective process that is minimally invasive and allows patients to start walking immediately afterward.

Why does Radiofrequency Ablation get performed on patients?

Veins that are diseased with venous reflux turn into varicose veins and do not return to a healthy state in the future. Radiofrequency Ablation seals them off so that blood flows back to the heart through an interior vessel that’s actually working correctly.

What happens in a Radiofrequency Ablation?

Your doctor will start by using an ultrasound machine to look at your varicose vein, analyze its condition, and determine exactly which portion needs to be sealed off. Then the doctor will use a tiny probe that is like a catheter, called a VNUS ClosureRFS Stylet. This device will go up into your varicose vein and stop at the point where the ultrasound has shown the doctor that the vein needs to begin to be sealed off.

Once the VNUS ClosureRFS Stylet is in place inside the vein, the doctor will activate the tip of the probe so that it produces radiofrequency energy. This will create a tiny amount of heat, and as the doctor slowly withdraws the device, the walls of the vein will collapse and stick together, preventing further blood flow through that pathway. Once the device gets back to the starting point, the doctor will turn off the radio frequency energy and remove the device from the hole where it went in. This leaves only a tiny wound, like a small nick that heals quickly and leaves minimal, almost invisible scarring. The doctor will place a simple bandage over the insertion site–you won’t even need stitches!

Is Radiofrequency Ablation safe?

At Venocure, we have had no infection or bleeding. Your recovery will involve a lot of walking to encourage circulation and blood flow through new pathways, and the doctor may recommend that you use compression to aid healing. You will be on your way to fabulous-looking legs again!