The city of Dearborn, MI is home to many regional services that benefit nearly 100,000 residents. This world-class hometown is culturally diverse with residents that immigrated from Europe and the Middle East in the 19th and 20th century. Dearborn is known to many Americans as the birthplace of Henry Ford and the headquarters of the Ford Motor Company. While Dearborn is largely known for its thick automotive ties, Dearborn residents benefit from classic American cuisine, authentic Italian dishes, and Arabic restaurants to enjoy on a regular basis. The city of Dearborn offers beautiful city parks, recreational parks to accommodate the residents of this wholesome Michigan city. Residents enjoy beautiful hiking and biking trails along Rouge River to take care of themselves mentally and physically. Promoting health and wellness in Dearborn is a priority for many residents, just as it is for Venocure.

Varicose Vein Treatment in Dearborn

When you come to the Venocure clinic in Dearborn, you can count on our doctors to find the best solution to treat the venous reflux problems you might be experiencing. We offer a variety Varicose Vein treatments such as Radiofrequency Ablation, Sclerotherapy, VNUS ClosureFAST™ (Cardiac Catheterization with Intervention) and more. Dr. Nahhas and Dr. Chattahi will meet with you to evaluate your condition and begin treatment as soon as possible.

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Spider Veins and Other Venous Disease Treatment in Dearborn

Just like varicose vein treatment, spider veins and other similar venous diseases are treatable at the Venocure Dearborn clinic.

If you’ve attempted home remedies to rid the unsightly spider veins you’re struggling with—suffer no more and contact the vein doctors in Dearborn today.

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