What Are Spider Veins?

Spider veins, also called Telangiectasias, are tiny veins that appear close to the skin with a reddish or bluish appearance. This fine network of veins makes its appearance when the veins become widened, and while this is usually harmless, its appearance can be distracting, and most people prefer to have their skin returned to its normal, vein-free appearance. This is done with a variety of methods, which you can see in more detail on our page, “How we treat Spider Veins.”

What Causes Spider Veins?

Spider veins can appear for a variety of causes. Here are some of the most common ones.


This is a reddening of the skin on the face. While rosacea itself cannot be cured, the spider veins associated with it can be treated.


The longer your blood vessels have been around, the more likely it is that something can go wrong with them where they suddenly show up under your skin. You can regain more of a youthful appearance through sclerotherapy or radiofrequency ablation. Let us recommend what treatment will be best for you.


Thanks, mom and dad. You can’t control your genes, but you do have treatment options when your genes contribute to spider veins appearing in places where you’d rather not have them seen.


Your body carries an increased volume of blood during pregnancy, which creates extra pressure on all your blood vessels and may cause even the smallest veins to swell. Let us help with a quick and safe treatment.

Sun exposure

Sunlight’s UV rays can hit our skin and cause damage not only to the skin layers but also to the network of veins that share the space. Always protect yourself with sunscreen, and if you already have spider veins, let us help you treat them today.

Thin skin

Different things can cause thin skin, such as long-term steroid use, sleep deprivation, aging, collagen vascular disease, and hormonal variation. Thin skin can then lead to spider veins forming more easily.

Varicose veins

The thick, bulging, twisting appearance of varicose veins is due to an increase of pressure in those veins, which can then tax your smaller veins, leading to spider vein formation.

Whether you just recently saw spider veins appear or you’ve had them for a long time, we can help! Our free screening can give you a diagnosis, explain your treatment options, and let you know whether your spider veins may be an indication of a deeper disease causing them to appear.

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